Our Services.

Elysian Tech provide a robust suite of services to facilitate the planning, development and testing of digital and technology projects.

Adam IMS.

Adam IMS is a start-to-end innovation management platform developed in collaboration with global innovation consultants to manage research and innovation projects on any scale.

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MyCodec.Online is an online trend scouting library and insight tool populated by a team of innovation consultants to help provide stimulus for innovation sprints and projects.

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Workshops and Project Scoping.

Work with our team of expert developers, innovation consultants and industry experts to ideate new projects, develop stimulus and insight into feasible development roadmaps and understand your consumers unmet needs.

Digital Development.

Our team can develop a wide range of digital projects including web platforms, apps, software, back office systems, digital logic systems, immersive platforms and games.

Wireframing and User Journey Mapping.

Map out your UX and user journey with our team of experts to identify user pain points and remove them before launch.

Benchmarking, UX Analysis and BETA Testing

Benchmark you project against industry leaders in your field, understand how users interact with your project and test your project to identify bugs and poor performance areas.

Hardware Development, MVP Prototyping, Robotics and Physical Systems.

Our team contains experts in designing and developing custom hardware systems, robotics and engineers projects.

IoT, Integrated Systems and Connected Devices.

An Elysian Tech specialty, we can help you through every step of designing and developing IoT projects and developing integrations for connected devices and platforms.

Elysian Tech is a brand of the Edenic Group